Hey! Bethany Perry here. I’m delighted and grateful you found me. I intuitively know you are here for a reason!

This is where I tell you “About” me and how I can support you!

Yes, I have the long list of credentials and honorifics you’d hope to find, but I choose to leave those for last.

It’s essential you know what sets me apart from others who coach high level professionals, transforming trauma, addiction, PTSD, and imposter syndrome.

My unique giftedness blesses me to serve and create a safe space for you facilitating your discovery of freedom, healing, and transformation from a past that plagues your present.

First, I have a few core beliefs integral to my work with people just like you!

I believe in the Power of LOVE.

Without love and compassion, where are we in this world? I meet you where you are in this life with open arms, a full heart, and absolutely no judgment. From here on, know that love surrounds you whether or not you choose to work with me.


So you’ve been put in a box again and you are not a cat!

The truth is you are expansive, evolving and dynamic. However right now you are finding yourself limited by your own thoughts, struggling to get out of the box you’ve created. This is my sweet spot, I am here to support your growth.

We all need a crucial, private and confidential space safe for exploring our experiences. At the top of your game who offers this in your life? Many of you high level professionals don’t feel safe sharing your inner world. Where else does the phrase “lonely at the top,” come from? I am here as a highly experienced and trained coach to to support your transformation without judgement, adhering to your timetable.

Your experiences don’t have to define, or put you in a box either! Nor do you fit in a one-size-fits-all category of what will guide you to a brand new life. You have the power to transform trauma, anxiety, addiction, weight concerns and other current limitations. Together, we will discover a roadmap to healing that serves YOU.

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There are 4 Pillars of Whole Life Healing

Whole health includes what I call the Four Pillars: Neuroscience, Emotional Health, Nutrition, and Yoga. These pillars integrate the whole body, and without integration, the body, mind, and spirit doesn’t fully heal. Once reintegrated, our lives blossom, our confidence soars, and our healing is maintained both physically and emotionally. 

What else makes me different AND right for you?

My life has been punctuated by a multitude of earth shattering events that have shaped my fortitude and enriched my ability to help others. Through all the quicksand, hurricanes, and firestorms of my life I’ve been blessed enough to retain the connection to my center. Having been there, through it, and standing strong in who I am, I am uniquely able to offer empathy and support for your own journey to a Whole Life Healed.

The “stuffier” stuff.

I’ve done the work, and I continue to do it every day. I am a curious person by nature. I’ve never been satisfied with the bare minimum, so I keep gathering degrees and certifications for my benefit, but really it’s for yours. I want you to experience the ultimate freedom in your life, and if I can offer that to you, it is my honor and privilege. 


  • Neuroscience Life & Health Coach
  • Daniel Amen Affiliated Educational Center
  • Brainspotting Practitioner
  • NLP Transformational Coach
  • Yoga Instructor
  • Kripa Iyengar Teacher For Yoga for Addiction & PTSD (Father Joe Pereira from Goa, India & Leigh Milne)
  • Trauma & Resilience Coaching (Arizona Trauma Institute)

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I am currently writing my thesis for my MicroMaster in Psychological Neuroscience, at The Centre For Applied Neuroscience (CAN), with Dr, Amanda Wintink. My hypothesis is that as North Americans, we utilize food to nurture our T/trauma as opposed to nourishing our health.

Owner and founder of Whole Life Healing Collective, Whole Life Healing Coaching, and Whole Life Healing Centers, a nonprofit that provides comprehensive healing modalities for individuals and families impacted by emotional and physical trauma through sustainable Whole Life Healing Principles.

When I am not studying or seeing clients, I absolutely love kayaking, spending time with my children and grandchildren, and practicing yoga with my adorable pups in tow.

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Transformational Trauma Coach

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Trauma Institute

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Board Member of ANWPB

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