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Are you struggling with weight management, experience anxiety, stress, suffering from trauma or worry about maintaining your quality of life as you age? These are all related to the health of your brain and I can help!

 Working with me is your ‘take charge’ solution on what can often be a lonely and perilous path.

Blending neuroscience, nutrition and transformational coaching, I will support your journey to whole body wellness.

When we work together 1 on 1, we will develop a personalized road map to overcome what ails you and setting your compass for optimal results. You get the ultimate experience of having someone walk right beside you. I will guide each step, and gently help you regain the vibrant life you desire. My philosophy is tested and true with a long list of revitalized clients.

To consult with me on your specific needs please schedule your initial no cost appointment HERE!

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VIP Elite Service

The work I do with CEOs, C-Suite Execs, Therapists, and Sports Elite to overcome the trauma and anxiety that incessantly plagues you is profound. Often high profile individuals don’t know where to seek that crucial, private and confidential expert. Every session allows you, the client,the opportunity to discover and reveal what lies buried within. This leads to an enriched, successful and transformed life!

I firmly believe that every individual, including myself, has a unique purpose that only we can offer the world. This elite service is second to none as spoken to by a few of my clients:

“I am a CEO of an automotive Tier One supply company. Our organization was in a period of intense accelerated growth, which began a domino of negative impact to profitability and a spirited culture.

As the leader I was losing my effectiveness. Key management were stressed, and I could not rally the best from everyone to achieve our team goals.

I hired Bethany to assist me with my leadership style which enabled me to reorient the framing of company priorities. She shared new and unique techniques to allow me to work individually with each team member, evaluating their respective roles to maximize personal and professional experiences and contributions. With this mindset shift and re-evaluation of my technique, everyone was able to get back on track. Company profitability as well as a sustained life balance for all the employees were greatly improved.”



CEO of an Automotive Tier One Supply Company

The VIP Elite Intensive Model

This model offers you the opportunity to take an individualized deep dive to support your personal and/or professional growth. This format will ‘excelerate’ the benefits of your custom program.

All VIP Elite Intensives would include me coming directly to you, or you coming to the city of Rochester Hills, MI.

Platinum/Gold/Silver VIP Program

Each program is customized based on our initial conversation where your specific goals, needs and desires are heard and captured. Once the foundation is created, we will then work together to further:

  • Clarify Your Direction
  • Strategize Your Actions
  • Upgrade Your Skills
  • Optimize Your Environment
  • Master Your Psychology

Several different models are available to accomplish your goals.

An example could be the following:

  • Brain Assessment per the work of Dr. Daniel Amen- This will help to determine if there is a nutrient deficiency in your brain.
  • Weekly or Bi-weekly 60 minute sessions
  • Informational handouts and/or books tailored to your specific needs as they arise.
  • As needed between sessions, texting, emails and/or 10-15 min phone support

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Brass Tacks Program

This program would include the transformational elements of all other programs, but it is for the client that desires to keep it simple and meet twice a month only.

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“Bethany has really helped me improve my performance and realize more of my potential. I’ve been working with Bethany for about six months now and am beyond satisfied with the results. Among other things, she has helped me to Identify and gain clarity on my personal and professional goals, and make significant progress towards them. With her guidance I have discovered new and better ways to deal with stress and anxiety. I was able to break through thought patterns that were holding me back. I recommend her to anyone looking to achieve a more fulfilled life and business. It’s been a great journey and I look forward to continuing it.”



Coaching Client