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Bethany is awesome to work with! She was able to determine the underlying issue and change it.

David S.

Compassionate, intelligent, attentive, and supportive help. I very much benefited from Bethany's counseling services, and can highly recommend to others!

Martine D.

Bethany Perry is one of the most genuinely caring and compassionate people I have ever met. Her knowledge about the brain and intuition, paired with her unique approach to coaching has helped me work through some very deep challenges, and has changed my outlook on my future. She creates a safe and trusting environment during our sessions, and provides the tools and resources necessary to continue to make positive changes in my everyday life. Working with Bethany has been the best decision I have made towards improving my health and wellness.

Melissa F.

I was first introduced to Bethany Perry's work late in 2015 in search for a correspondence of the Amen clinics study after taking interest in their research into healing a brain affected with ADD. My life before meeting Bethany was chaotic at its worst and erratic at its best. At the time I struggled with poor health choices, personal relationships both platonic and intimate, my educational standards (either determined by an educational system or to a standard I held myself at) had ended with staggeringly horrible results, and general lack of understanding who I was and what I wanted for myself. I had all but given up trying to find a better way to live my life when I heard of the Amen clinics and their studies on individuals that suffered from ADD. I had already been diagnosed with ADD but any medications I had taken for a trial period had ended with unwanted side effects. So when I heard that this clinic focused on treating minds affected with ADD outside of the clinical norm, I decided to give it one last shot. In searching for an Amen clinic that was not 200+ miles away from my home town, I stumbled onto Bethany's office just a handful of miles from my own residence. I contacted the office and set up an appointment with a half-hearted enthusiasm having been met with failure so many times in the past. Bethany was an extremely pleasent surprize and welcome change to the overwhelming monotony of what most would consider to be a modern day life coach. She not only had the insight, patience, and energy of a truly enthusiastic contributor to her field of study but also the mental speed to keep up with me in ways no coach had been able to in the past. "Finally!" I remember thinking to myself "Someone I can talk to who doesn't try to fix who I am but is interested in fixing the issue of the neurosynaptic firing and chemical imbalance in my brain leading to the unsteadiness in my life". It reduced me to tears upon this realization and as a man it's difficult to admit. However Bethany was able to keep up right with me saying (paraphrasing) "social media tells young men to repress a natural state of emotion. you have to feel it to heal it; do not feel ashamed of your emotions, they make up who you are". Through many sessions later, change of diet, increased level of physical activity, supplementation, research and a burning passion to learn who I truly am, I was able to untangle my mental 'ball of yarn', release negative thoughts and replace them with constructive and uplifting ones, make sense of relationships both platonic and intimate and finally implement a lifestyle regimen that would not only bring peace into my life, but gave me the tools to share her teachings with others I've come into contact with. I am currently attending college with the highest GPA in a class of students pursuing the same degree as I am and what's more, I can truly say that I love what I do for a career. Balancing work, school, finances, my pursuits of happiness is a breeze and my personal relationships have flourished. I feel more centered and confident as a man and what I stand for than I have in nearly eight years. Through Bethany's encouraging words and unwavering willingness to help out her clients at all hours of the day, there is no doubt in my mind that any patient that makes an effort toward self improvement seeking out her aid WILL achieve greatness. Words will forever fall short for the dramatic change Bethany helped me bring into my life in such a brief amount of time but her influence in my life was instrumental to where I know I will ultimately end up at. Thank you so much Bethany!!!

John S.

The universe works in mysterious ways and brings us just what we need at the right time ♡. I feel truly blessed to have crossed paths with Bethany. As my life coach, she provided me with the type of guidance I needed to move forward with my goals. I highly recommend Bethany to anyone seeking coaching for themselves. She is a compassionate and trustworthy professional. Thank you dearly Bethany for keeping me pointed in the right direction! Namaste!

D Marie M.

She has great and very practical ideas that work for my active life.

Martha P.

Bethany is an incredible business coach. She pushed me to value myself and my work more than I imagined, and make asks that align with my worth. Has been such an incredible support to me. She is such a powerful healer and coach, and has been a blessing in my life when I’ve struggled the most. Thank you, Bethany, for all that you’ve done for me

Nurjahan B.

I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Bethany. She is kind, caring, compassionate, wise, and truly a master of her craft. I would highly recommend her services to everyone!

Jimmy M

Bethany Perry is so qualified and so skilled that I was constantly wowed during my time in her class. Sure hope I can have more of her training!

Vincenza A.

Bethany has been truly a life saver for my daughter. Through genuine connection and her amazing skill and compassion, she has guided her through an incredible healing journey. We feel so fortunate to have met Bethany!

Whitney W.

An excellent Life Coach w wonderful skills, a lovely personality & an approach that helps a person make the changes they need to in a graceful but formidable way.

Lisa S.
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